Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ask me for the new link personally, or not at all.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


These are from random webcam sessions.


KL with Brian.

Now. With Leon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another update!

Look! An update! I'm running on a few hours of sleep (because I went on an hour's walk to the Russian's house for beer, then back again at 5 in the morning) so I won't say much. These are from yesterday.

Simpsons ice cream.

It's a push pop.

We were "studying".

The German's marine biology stuff I told you about in the last post.
See, I wasn't lying.

Drinks at the Second Degree.


Zzz bai.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Library blues

I am sitting in the law library at uni with the Russian, the German and Swedish. Yes I have found a Swedish here. I have to complete a 500 word essay by tomorrow and I still only have 366, including the title and references. I am procrastinating because my head feels like it's going to explode.

The German is currently writing an essay on the correlation between the size of particular corals and the population density of fishes. No, I am not joking. It's for marine biology class. The fact that he even has to do a 6 page essay on this one question scares me shitless. I, on the other hand, am doing an essay on the Right to Information. The Russian has two 4000 words essays which are due and he has so far written nothing because he has to "read a lot of shit before writing", and Swedish is writing an essay on Gulliver's Travels. I'm actually not sure why I'm telling you guys all this bullshit. Might be because I'm dying and need to buy a heater so I don't freeze tonight.

We actually only have this study room till 5 PM, but if the people who originally booked it aren't coming at 20 past, we get it :D So hopefully they don't come because I NEED TO WRITE THIS DAMN ESSAY. It's due noon tomorrow. So I'm screwed. TA.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey all. Here's the post I promised. Random photos, little words because I want to finish my 500 word essay due the day after tomorrow.

Random label Von and I saw in Myer.
I also own Bonia. Haha.

This was Saturday night. I think. The days all blur together here. We're at the casino toilet camwhoring after a couple of drinks and watching boys gambling away their lives along with all the other people in there at 3 AM who have nothing else better to do.

Sunday couch party at Erfan's. Stayed there until 1:30 AM, then the neighbours decided to complain. Thanks guys. I didn't even get drunk, but had to help lug Dee May and Von home because they were GONE, BABY, GONE. So bad. One took painkillers before drinking, and the other prolly just had a lot of goon. Which both suck.

I, on the other hand, skulled some goon wine + Bundy rum + Blonde beer concotion and won $5 bucks. And respect. Haha!


See what I mean?

After lugging the drunkards home on FOOT (which nearly killed us because they were falling everywhere) because this stupid cab driver picked us up and then told us that 5 of us couldn't sit in a car, we put Dee to sleep and the rest of us chilled at Von's place. In the arvo we decided to hit West End for some Malaysian food, but it was closed due to it being Labour Day. God damn. However, we did manage to find some other Chinese eatery and I had chicken rice yum yum. Not as good as Jalan Gasing, but it was FOOD after waiting 12o4313497 years for them to decide. Ran into couple of people while debating where to eat. At this point, the guys and I were just saying "Foodfoodfood."

Maks. Chris. Von. Dee.

I'm so hungry.
Me too.
Where do you guys wanna eat?
Let's look around down here maybe?
What, more walking? T_T I'm dying.
Maybe we can try that Indian place?
No, not good for me.
Ooh, look there's a shop here!
-_- FOOD.
Where are we going?
Let's go see down here maybe?
There's a noodle restaurant here.
Ew, noodles?
Ooh, look more shops!

I forgot to mention that a cute little boy came up to us while we were chatting to Erfan at the bus stop.

This is my bike!
Yes, this id my bike and id's got wheels!
*gives bike to the boys*
This is yours?
Yesh, his name is *insert name here because I forgot*.
The driver on the bike is him?
Yesh, id is! He's duh BESTEST in duh world!
What's your name? :)
Oh, Romeo :)
AWWWWWW! Your name is ROMEO? Von, his name is Romeo!
Awww! Where's Juliet?
*to guys* His name is Romeo!
Where's Julia?
Do you mean Juliet?
Haha yes!
Oh my God his hair is so nice! *pats head*

After lunch, back to Von's place sans Dee because she wanted to go home. The Russian and the German thought it would be a good idea to go SWIMMING. In Von's pool. And then the jacuzzi. In their boxers. Which was actually quite funny, because it was FREEZING. Then Von and I decided to join them in the jacuzzi. But then I also decided to see how cold the water was.

It was GOD DAMN FREAKING COLD. Like ICE. AND THE WIND. It was bad. I took a damn long time to get in. And I was in a BIKINI.

I think I want to go into the pool. *looks at water hesitantly*
I just want to see how cold it is. *steps in thigh deep* IT'S FREAKING COLD!!!!!!!
Get out!
No! I should dip, then go inside the jacuzzi. It'll be better right?
It's really cold...
Oh God... *wades around*
Come on, you have Russian respect already. You have to prove it!
Shut up, psyching me out won't work -_-
It's REALLY cold.
Don't go in!
I want to see!
Just jump in! It's the easiest way.
Yeah, just jump!
I know! Just let me get used to it. Gaaah!
WAIT! Oh screw this. *jumps in*

It wasn't so bad after I got fully soaked. I swam around then ran to the jacuzzi. Then we stayed there until 7 PM playing stupid games like holding our breath and splashing each other until we got tired. Von and I stole their clothes then we all showered and went to the city for dinner at a Korean place. Afterwards we had a beer at the Pig and Whistle, then Von went home and the three of us caught a bus. The Russian fell asleep on the bus and I got off and he was annoyed I didn't say goodbye to him -_-

Then my bus had actually stopped coming when I got off the other one because of the public holiday so I had to walk home. Eventually got back at 11 PM and managed to finish an assignment that was due at midnight. Luckily I managed to churn out some crap for the 200 word rationale during the last 15 minutes before the due date.

The boys at the Korean place. Who is who? Who can guess? You'll get brownies. Or lollies.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh noes again

I have been transported back to high school life, where crushes and emo songs reign. Luckily, high school drama is absent.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I think it's obvious I'm going to be on indefinite hiatus until I've either:

a) sorted life out
b) got new site up
c) take new pictures
d) or actually just until this Sunday, when there's gonna be a party.

Thank you for the people who responded; I really value your opinions :) All of you are so nice and optimistic.

Makes me want to kill myself, but yeah, thanks for believing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


If a guy buys you a flower/chocolate bouquet on the second "date" as a surprise when he's sending you home in his car, does he like you, or is he trying to get into your pants?

Please reply via comments kthxbai.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I shall ignore the fact that I have a 1500 word essay due on Tuesday, and write about things I love about Brisbane.

What I love about Brisbane...

1. We have a ferry, aka. the City Cat. Sitting on it is awesome; reminds me a lot of the times I used to go on Star Ferry back in Hong Kong (which has now been taken down T_T). Wind in your hair. Downside? Lots of couples take this -_-

2. The Sky Above, The Field Below: the sky is so freaking blue all the time. You don't get this cornflower blue in KL. In fact, you prolly get that weird grey smoke below the pale blue. And there is a lot of grass here. A LOT. So pretty.

3. We actually have seasons here. Right now, we're in autumn, which is lovely. Not too hot, not too cold. Great for sunbathing. Good date weather actually.

4. Cheap alcohol. Self-explanatory.

5. NO SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES. This is a HUGE win. I swear. It is sooo good to go to a club and dance without watching that guy/girl with that fag jumping up and down dangerously near you. Instead, they have designated smoking areas. Usually near dustbins. Lol.

6. It's clean. Clean clean clean. No trash everywhere.

7. I can walk around at night alone, and not be too worried that I might get raped/robbed/killed. It's not recommended, but at least it's not too bad. I don't have to switch my bag from my right to my left when I'm walking along the road. I don't have to worry about wearing too short-shorts or skirts or low cut tops. It's allll goooood.

8. I CAN SEE THE STARS HERE AT NIGHT. I even know which one's Orion's Belt, the Southern Cross, and that's about it for now.

9. My campus is cool. I walk everywhere = more exercise.

10. Cool stores/stuff.

11. Things are a lot cheaper.

12. Internet is fast.

Things I miss about KL:

1. Cheap cabs. We don't have a ferry or buses, but we have cabs. And they don't take half an hour.

2. I don't have to worry about if what i'm wearing is warm enough or not. I just wear jeans.

3. We don't have dodgy clubbing places like the Valley here.

4. Shops stay open until 10, or are 24/7.

5. Mamaks.

6. Sushi Zanmai, oh how I miss you.

7. I wish I had my car so I DON'T have to walk everywhere.

8. Stuff is cheapER. And when I convert, it is actually the same price.

9. My friends/family.

10. Free internet/wi-fi.

11. FOOD.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Song for you

It's nice to see, nice to see
That you don't need me, don't need me
It's nice to know, nice to know
That you're not alone, not alone

It's hard to watch, hard to watch
You having fun, having fun
It's hard for me, hard for me
When I'm a one, I'm a one

It's hurts to know, hurts to know
That you've let it go, let it go
It smarts to see, smarts to see
That you're with her, not me.